Who is KURAKI Man?

This new character has been born together with the launch of the machines and special machinery by KURAKI and stands for our company with all its highly dedicated employees and their resourceful minds committed to designing and developing only the best machines for our customers.

KURAKI Man Introduction to the new character

Close Friendship and High Power

●Close Friendship
Our machines offer machining accuracies in the micron and also submicron range depending on the task at hand. All our employees are highly committed to customer satisfaction and retention. All departments join forces to optimize our customer's production output and machining quality.
You might compare us to the mother who wishes for her children to prosper and grow ...
●High Power
Our machines are especially designed for large-dimensioned, complex and super heavy workpieces with a special focus on metal cutting. Thanks to the inherent outstanding flexibility, our machines can efficiently be used to meet the most varied processing tasks and goals. Our heavy-duty machines reliably handle every ever so complex task with high precision and yield maximum quality. Furthermore, our experienced personnel are capable of assisting customers with service issues with quick repair or precision adjustment for a long, productive machine life.
You might compare us to the father on which you can always rely ...